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eGift Card


Choose an amount and write a personalised message to make this gift your own. The digital Gift Card creates a unique code which the recipient enters at checkout to subtract the value from their total....


If you’d like to gift a piece of Kate Bajic jewellery, but are not sure what to choose, a Gift Card could be a great solution.

You choose the amount you want to gift and a unique code is sent to the recipient. This amount is deductible at checkout towards any item of jewellery on this website.

It’s a great way to give a gift for a special birthday or anniversary, or just to say “I love you”, or “Thank you”.

Gift cards can also be used to purchase 121 and/or 221 jewellery tuition sessions with Kate, visit her Jewellery Tuition page for more information.

If you’d prefer to have a physical Gift Card posted to an address in the UK, for those who prefer in person to online, please contact Kate and we can set this up.

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