Artist Profile


British jeweller Kate Bajic has over 15 years experience exhibiting and selling her work in galleries and at exhibitions throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. She lives and works in a rural village in the Midlands, using the countryside around her as inspiration for her beautiful contemporary jewellery. In particular it is the wide variation of colour, shapes and forms found in different lichen species that fascinate. Their diversity offers a rich source of design material and through photography and sample collection Kate examines their minute complexity and translates aspects of this into her work.

Pieces are hand crafted using precious metals or mild steel often combined with semi precious stones. Designs evolve through experimenting with composition, playing with contrasting colours and materials, or by adding textural details such as hand stamped surface finishes and tiny elements of gold. More recently Kate has begun to use 18ct gold vermeil to give a luxurious and rich surface finish to some of her silver work, in contrast she is also creating one off pieces in bright colours, achieved through the patient layering of acrylic paints. Kate’s jewellery is intuitive and sculptural in nature, with pieces designed to sit together and compliment each other whilst still being unique and individual.