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Parmelia pearl pendant, 2023

Parmelia pearl pendant was created in response to a client who loved my Mini Parmelia stud earrings and the large baroque pearls I use in some of my designs. She asked if I could combine the two elements together to create an 18ct gold and pearl pendant which she could suspend from an 18ct gold necklace she already owned. The resulting pendant looks stunning, the 20mm creamy baroque pearl really setting off the hand textured and burnished surface of the yellow gold pendant. If you are taken by one of my pieces and have an idea in mind that could make it just perfect for you, please do get in touch.

Parmelia pearl pendant, 18ct yellow gold hand crafted pendant with a 20mm cultured baroque pearl drop
Trio diamond ring, 18ct white gold jewellery commission, 2023

Diamond ring, 2023

Trio diamond ring was commissioned to celebrate family. The three diamonds 'nest' together in a warm embrace, representing the wearers three children, who have now grown and begun to fly the nest and make their own way in the world. 

It was important the ring could be worn everyday so the diamond settings are contemporary and stylish, yet also practical. 18ct white gold was the perfect backdrop to show off the stunning diamonds, the largest of which is 0.98ct. 

80th birthday lapel brooch and cufflink set, 2022

This lapel brooch and cufflink set were created as a bespoke gift for an 80th birthday. The client asked that the jewellery be created in my signature lichen style and that they could be displayed when not being worn. It was also specified that the number 80 be subtly incorporated into the design, along with the recipients initials CC.  

A driftwood 'stand' was decided upon as the most appropriate way of displaying the pieces, the wire work on this tied in with the lapel brooch and I was able to use it to suggest the initials. I created shapes suggesting 80 when the pieces were placed side by side but which were not obvious when they were separated.

Handcrafted sterling silver cufflinks and lapel brooch
Lapel brooch and cufflink commission, Kate Bajic, 2022
Handcrafted sterling silver and amber cufflinks
Handcrafted sterling silver and dendritic agate lapel brooch

Ramalina tiara, sterling silver, baroque river pearls, 2021

Ramalina tiara was created as a bespoke commission from husband to wife as a 50th birthday gift. The brief was to create a beautiful lichen inspired contemporary tiara which could be worn and enjoyed on a variety of occasions. As the recipient was a lover of pearls I was able to source some stunning large baroque river pearls to use as the main feature of the piece, they sit wonderfully alongside an intricate hand pierced sterling silver design which was inspired by the delicate lacy structure of ramalina lichen.

Ramalina tiara, sterling silver, baroque river pearls, 2021, Kate Bajic
Ramalina tiara, sterling silver, baroque pearls, 2021

Working in close consultation with my clients I can create highly personal and unique one off pieces to mark a special occasion or event. If you would like to discuss creating a unique piece of jewellery with me or look at  re-working existing vintage pieces into something new then please do get in touch. Consultations can be arranged both at the studio or online.

What people say

""What a total success, it's all come together in the most splendid symbiotic way, you are so talented, thank you, really thank you so much" Paul (Oct 2022)


Well what an absolutely wonderful present you gave me, the Kate Bajic jewellery is exquisite, really it is treasure. I look forward to wearing it" Chris (Oct 2022)


"Thank you for my amazing tiara, a must have for every birthday girl!"

Emma (June 2021)

"It was my Mum's birthday yesterday so we were finally able to 

give her your beautiful Evernia brooch. She absolutely loves it.

We'll send you a photograph on it's first outing!"

Jess (May 2021)

"I've received my ring today.

I'm delighted with it, it's a great fit and I love the stone.

Thank you very much!" Paula (June 2020)

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