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Co:Operation GARNISH


Co:Operation GARNISH was a call out opportunity to submit a collaborative piece, or pieces of work, to be considered for a touring exhibition in America starting in May 2015.


The brief:

“A garnish can be anything from an adornment that adds or enhances the body (human or animal), to a functional or nonfunctional object that decorates and spices up a room. This exhibition will ask viewers and participants to examine the idea of a garnish made by 2 different subsets of makers who have come together to create an embellishment that satisfies both. We are looking for an element of surprise in the resulting work. Display of humor is encouraged.” Crafthaus 2014


‘Flourish’ brooch is the result of a collaboration between jewellers Carly Petitt-Taylor and Kate Bajic in response to the theme of garnish. Both makers approached the project wanting to contrast their particular skills with materials and making. It seemed pertinent to use lichen as the source of their inspiration. Lichen is an incredibly diverse and decorative species, acting as a garnish to any surface it grows on. The brooch will be on display at the Brooklyn Metal Works in New York from January 2016.


Flourish brooch, copper, silver, hand dyed monofilament, paint, 2015  (Photo Grant Archer)

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